About KoraStats Performance Analyst Track

Performance Analysis is a Crucial Topic in Modern Football

Modern football is based on science and knowledge. An important role being played in modern football is about analyzing players' performance on the field during games and competitions. The purpose of the analysis is to help teams and coaches win by identifying strengths and weaknesses of their teams and opponents. On the other hand this helps developing player's performance which leads to player's value increase in the transfer market.

  • Develop players
  • Recruit talented players
  • Opponent analysis

Who is the Optimum Course Candidate

In order to benefit most from this course opportunity, we believe you should have the following talents

  • Interest to start your career as an Analyst
  • Good command of English Language (can read and understand english)
  • Good with computer and internet
  • Preferrable if you played football
  • Preferrable if you have License (C)

Course Content

Football Clubs and Football Management Staff Formation

The purpose of this session is to help performance Analyst to understand the structure of football management staff and the role of each staff member. It also help introducing the communication between staff members and how the reporting flows between those members.

Match Video Recording

Broadcast match videos are not the best source for analyst to use in analyzing games. Matches should be recorded in a way to allow the analyst to view the team tactics during the 90 minutes and not only focus on the ball. In this session we will focus on helping the analyst to record videos by himself or guide the camera men if exist to give him the best shots he requires to fulfill his job.

Reading the Game Through Data and Analytics

The reason of the usage of stats/analysis in football. Who uses analysis? Success stories of clubs using analysis. What analysis leads to in football? Old coaching vs New coaching process Basic stats definition and meaning + how each can be used to interpret a football game Brief idea on advanced metrics in football


What is scouting? How do professional clubs scout for players? Scouting opposition teams. Assessing and analyzing individual players. Impact of good scouting on breaking the dominance of rich clubs on the game. Success stories in scouting.

Creating Video Analysis

Preparing opponent analysis match video. Tools for editing videos. Introduction to KoraStats Match Video Tool. Video overlays. Preparation of Marketing videos for professional players.

Creating Opponent Analysis Report

Introduction to report writing. Elements of opponent analysis report. Best practices. Preparation of Opponent analysis report depending only on numerical analysis. Communicating report to coaching staff. Graphical presentation of numbers.

Hands On

Typical day of performance analyst? Tools used by Professional performance Analyst? How numerical analysis helps in National team players selection? Communication with Elite coaches and players

Course Duration is 18 Hours


We have gathered the best talents in every aspect.



This course is accredited by the Australian Football College AFC.

For more info visit http://www.vetea.org.au/services/australian-football-college/

Power of the Community

KoraStats is creating a community for performance analysts in Egypt. KoraStats is empowering analystsby providing the latest through workshops and events

Find a Job

We will help you to find a job as a performance analyst by introducing your resume to clubs and Coaches.


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