KoraStats Data Hub

Understand the game like never before

In each game, KoraStats analyzes between 1800 and 2600 different match event. KoraStats Data Hub visualizes all match events into meaningful charts and information.

Match formation, ball-receiving maps, pass combos, individual player’s heat-maps, and pass directions are all found in this amazing easy-to-use tool.

Now, you can analyze hundreds of matches and understand what happened during the game without having to watch match videos.

Video Hub

All the videos you need for match lecture, are ready at your fingertips!

We have prepared the following videos for each league game we cover
Offensive organization, defensive transition, defensive organization, offensive transition, offensive set-pieces, defensive set-pieces, goals scored and conceded.

KoraStats Coach Video Analysis

Match vidoes are now searchable

We designed this tool to help coaches in 1-1 sessions with their players. After each game, take 5 minutes of your time to show your players their flaws by searching through the match video with specific match events, or location on field. Export the footage clips, and share it with your players.

Not only that we allow you to search through more than 60 different match event, but we also allow you to select which part of the field you want to browse videos on.