Integration APIs

Integrate with your preferred programming language

Get access to KoraStats Feeds via our well documented REST APIs. Our APIs can be called via GET/POST requests. Full documentation are available at your disposal. Contact us, and our support team will be in touch.

Fantasy Football

Create a great experience for your fans

Focus on your fantasy game-playing experience, and leave the data feeds on us. We have the following feeds ready for you:

  • GK (Saves/1-1 Saves/Conceded Penalties/Saved Penalty/Saved Goals)
  • Players Rebounds (Saved Goals/Saved Chances/Won Tackles/Won Interceptions/Recovered Balls/Clear Tackles/Clear Interceptions)
  • Passes (Total Passes/Pass %/Complete Passes into the box)
  • Fouls (Committed/Awarded)
  • Penalties (Committed/Awarded/Scored/Missed)
  • Cards (Yellow Cards/2nd Yellow Cards/Red Cards)
  • Attempts (Total/On Target/Accuracy)
  • Assists
  • Goals
  • Own Goals
  • Man of the Match (Based on KIndex)

Our Media Customers


Better game watching experience

Real Time In Match Stats

Real Time in Match Stats with latency of 30 seconds max and accuracy of 95%. We offer more than 75 different stats and numbers.

API Integration

All our feeds are offered via well documented REST APIs in JSON/XML formats ready to be consumed through our online servers.

Accumulative Stats

Accumulative Stats over a season/tournament for every team, player, coach, or referee.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always ready to help. Whether you want to design a new show, get custom queries, or non-traditional data.