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Performance Analysis is a Crucial Topic in Modern Football

Modern football is based on science and knowledge. An important role being played in modern football is about analyzing players’ performance on the field during games and competitions. The purpose of the analysis is to help teams and coaches win by identifying strengths and weaknesses of their teams and opponents. On the other hand this helps developing player’s performance which leads to player’s value increase in the transfer market.

  • Develop players
  • Recruit talented players
  • Opponent analysis

Football Clubs and Football Management Staff Formation

The purpose of this session is to help performance Analyst to understand the structure of football management staff and the role of each staff member. The organizational structure of a football club is important to understand your role in the team and the role of other team members.


This topic will answer the following questions: What is scouting? How do professional clubs scout for players?
Assessing and analyzing individual players. Impact of good scouting on breaking the dominance of rich clubs on the game. Success stories in scouting.

Match Recording

This topic will cover the best practices on how to record a match or a training session using tactical camera either with a camcorder or even a cell phone. Also, we are going to walk through on how to create a video recording station to cover broadcast matches and create your own video library.

Creating Reports

This topic will different reports that are delivered to the coaching staff along with the club administrative, reports like opponent analysis, post match report, accumulative analysis reports, etc.

In this topic we will also cover how to create video reports and the tools you can use to create professional stunning reports.

Match Analysis

This topic is an introduction to analyzing a match using the video only without any aid or data assistant. This topic will cover the understanding of different game phases, video tagging, and finally the analytical methodologies of analyzing the match or training session.

Introduction to Physical Performance Analysis

This topic is an introduction to analyzing physical performance of players using different technologies like GPS Trackers and Heart Rate Monitoring.

Reading the Game Through Data and Analytics

This topic will cover how to analyze a game using data ONLY without the need of a match video. This topic will demonstrate how you can save time by using data to analyze a match or a training session. The topic will also cover some of the teams that uses analysis and their success stories.

Hands On

In this course you will be asked to do some homework to apply what you have learned using different techniques. You will be allowed to use KoraStats tools in your homework analysis to master them and to master what you have learnt.

Why Attend This Course?


The performance analyst track course is accredited by the Australian Football College.

For more info visit http://afc.edu.au/international/


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KoraStats Subscription

You will be allowed to use KoraStats subscription for a period of three months after the course to master what you have learned through the course.


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