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Since our founding in 2016, we’ve been helping professional clubs, federations, media outlets, broadcasters, and right holders take their game to the next level with our data-driven insights. We specialize in collecting football data from matches and providing the tools to use this data to make important decisions. Whether you’re looking to improve your team’s performance, study opponent strategies, or create engaging content, KoraStats has what you need. Our team of data analysts is at the cutting-edge of technology, leveraging the latest in data science and analytics to provide deep insights into the game of football. At KoraStats, we’re passionate about helping the football eco-system reach their potential. We’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and looking for new ways to improve our services. We invite you to join us in our mission to revolutionize the game with data. Let’s take football to the next level!


Helping media to create fan engaging content

Football Clubs

Helping clubs to develop their players and win matches and competitions.

Football Federation

Monitor all players in your country specially the young talents.

Player Agencies

Manage your players and help them to get better opportunities.

Know our team

These amazing people have made possible to stay where we are

Mohamed Elbadry

Founder and CEO

Mohamed Elbadry an aerospace engineer with full of passion toward the beautiful game of football. Nine years ago, Mohamed co-founded KoraStats; the first company in the MENA region specialized in analyzing football players performance. Since then KoraStats has helped clubs in Egypt to achieve great results!

Mostafa Zakaria

Founder and CTO

Founder of KoraStats and the Chief Technical Officer of the company, the brain behind all KoraStats tools and platforms.

Ahmed Naguib

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager at KoraStats, football consultancy and data analytics services.

Osama Emam

Sales Manager

Sales Manager at KoraStats, sports consultation & data analytics services. Certified Performance Analyst by Australian Football College (AFC). TV presenter for Sports programs at TV channels and digital media.

Ahmed Bahgat

Research and Development Officer

Research and Development Officer, joined KoraStats to develop the AI arm of all KoraStats products.

Nasr Ali

HR Manager

Nasr Ali

Ahmed Sabe

Financial Manager

Ahmed Sabe

Mahmoud Salah

Operation Manager

5 Years managing KoraStats operations, with extensive knowledge.