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Revolutionary tool to understand players performance

A cloud based online platform that visualizes match analysis with over than 80 unique report. Match formation, ball-receiving maps, pass combos, individual player’s heat-maps and pass directions are all found on cloud.

Now you can analyze hundreds of matches and understand what happened during the game without having to watch any videos.

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Analysis Characteristics

We tag 40 different match events that describe the match accurately. The match video is converted into digital format. In each game, we track between 1800 and 2400 match events, depending on the intensity of the game.

KoraStats Coach Video Analysis™

Develop your players like never before

We designed this tool to help coaches in 1-1 sessions with their players. After each game, take 5 minutes of your time to show your players their flaws by searching through the match video with specific match events, or location on field. Export the footage clips, and share it with your players.

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Professional Services

Opponent Analysis

Our analysts can help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your next opponent.

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Player Development

We developed a friendly program to help develop players individually by providing players with pre-match analysis about their direct opponent on field and post match analysis about their performance.

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Build your squad based on real performance data instead. Know potential players’ capabilities like never before.Read More »


We help clubs to accurately judge their potential signings from performance perspective as well as physiological and mental perspective.Read More »

Promotional Videos

Promotional scouting videos are important in transferring players from one club to another. Our professional video production authenticates every moment of the video, which adds a layer of transparency between agents, players and clubs.

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KoraStats Academy

We are building the bridge to help football clubs, and managers to work with cutting-edge technologies.

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Broadcast Services

Real Time In Match Stats

Real Time in Match Stats with latency of 30 seconds max and accuracy of 95%. We offer more than 75 different stats and numbers.

Accumulative Stats

Accumulative stats over a season/tournament for every team, player, coach, or referee.

API Integration

All our feeds are offered via well-documented REST APIs in JSON/XML formats ready to be consumed through our online servers.

24x7 Support

Our support team is always ready to help. Whether you want to design a new show, get custom queries, or non-traditional data.

Digital Media Services

Digital Sports Magazines

KoraStats help digital media in enriching their content through KoraStats data analysis.Read More »

Fantasy Football

Design a real experience Fantasy Football using KoraStats analytics and KIndex™Read More »

API Integration

Get access to KoraStats Feeds via our well documented REST APIs.

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